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Imperial Hotel, ARMIDALE, NSW

Imperial Hotel
Beardy & Faulkner Streets
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Armidale's oldest surviving hotel this highly ornamented building features extensive cast-iron friezework on the verandahs, bull nosed awnings, and extravagant parapets decorated with Grecian urns and pediments on arches. The interior retains an air of Victorian opulence.

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Comments (2)

Ash's picture

Ash (not verified)

Sandor obviously has a chip on his/her shoulder.
The Imperial has good, cheap food and the service is fast.

Sandor Kolozsy's picture

Sandor Kolozsy (not verified)

The food smells and looks like vomit, glad i never purchased any, menu selection is generic and overpriced. The bar manager is arrogant, condesending and his cowardly mate in the kitchen yells abuse at the customers. Just because they have the cheapest pints in Armidale gives them no right to look down their noses at their clientele when they need to remember that they are an insignificant boil on the backside of humanity situated in a town in the middle of nowhere. Every other pub in Armidale is better.

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