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Matilda Bay Wild Yak Pacific Ale

Sun, 2017-04-09 20:07 -- bob
Matilda Bay Wild Yak Pacific Ale

BREWER Matilda Bay has been "breeding" its Yak range of beers and their latest, Wild Yak, is ideally suited to the great outdoors.

This release is a "pacific ale" (which seems to be the new trend) and while there are other more fragrant and fruity brews on the market, this isn't overpowering while delivering the key elements of what a good beer should do - refresh and revive.

It has a fruit nose, hinting at the citrus qualities of the beers, is clean and golden in colour with a good white head but isn't too gassy.

It is basically a toned-down version of an American pale ale which should make it appealing to those looking for something slightly different from the mainstream yet offering a little bit of character.

It is 4.2 per cent and very easy to drink, making it a very social beer which doesn't sit heavily on the gut yet does the job of quenching a thirst.

If some of the other pacific ales are too fruity for your palate, this is worthy trying.

It lends itself to seafood or Asian salads though it wouldn't go astray with a decent kransky.

Catch yourself at Wild Yak ... it won't be that hard to do.

MY TIP: Served nice and cold, this is priced in the same range as other Matilda Bay Yak beers around $20 per 345ml six-pack and it is available national through major and local bottle shops.

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