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Murray's Brewing Company

Fri, 2009-02-06 08:51 -- bob
Murray's Brewing Company

TAYLOR’S Arm Hotel is best known as the home of the ‘Pub With No Beer’ but now it has another claim to fame – the range of beers from Murray’s Brewing Company.

Established in 2006 by beer enthusiast Murray Howe, the small craft brewery is now producing a wide and varied range of beers – ales, ports and stouts – and if their Pale Ale is anything to go by, are worthy of the journey south to sample.

The Murray’s Nirvana Pale Ale has a fruity bouquet, a rich deep, golden colour and actually comes across as a bit of a hybrid type of beer.

The bouquet suggests a far more fruiter type of beer yet is has more of a hoppy flavour which you usually wouldn’t expect to find in a pale ale.

Regardless, this is a very moorish drop which has great ‘sessionability’, especially when the weather is warm.

The Murray’s pale Ale would appeal to both the drinker who is looking for something more is terms of full-bodied flavour from their beer or someone who is after a refreshing which doesn’t sit too heavy on the gut.

At 4.5%, it is a full strength beer which would be a perfect accompaniment to Asian foods or spicy dishes or as an after dinner ‘cleanser’.

I found this beer as a great introduction to the Murray’s range and presented a very interesting flavour combination, especially for a pale ale.


Get this drop nice and cold and serve it in a good glass which will allow you to fully appreciate the aroma.

It’s a very easy beer to drink so make sure you have more than one in the fridge because it will draw you back.

The Pale Ale is well-suited to stir fry or spicy foods or even a tasty cheese platter.

It can be ordered directly from the brewer or through major retail outlet chains. The Murray’s Nirvana Pale Ale sells for around $16 for a four pack of 330ml stubbies. The website address is

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Anonymous (not verified)

Hi Bob, your page is a great asset to a great site and I can't agree more about the ‘Pub With No Beer’. A visit to Taylors Arms, and a stay over night, is a must for any beer and pub connoisseur.
From memory the Elephant ale had a long nose and a good kick.... so many beers so little time, keep up the good work!!

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