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Bellbrook Hotel, BELLBROOK, NSW

Bellbrook Hotel
10-12 Main Street
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The drive from Kempsey to Bellbrook is particularly pretty. The road follows the Macleay River and there are a number of spots where the traveller has spectacular views of the river making its way through the valley.

Although rather unassuming from the outside the Bellbrook Hotel is quite fascinating inside with many of the original features and much of the historic charm carefully retained.

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Reviews (1)

mandydunkley's picture

Do not visit if you are hungry!!!!!!!!

9 years 11 months ago

After a pleasant drive from Port Macquarie we were looking forward to a meal as I had heard you got a 'good feed at Bellbrook!' Well............................ dunno didn't get it!!!!! After waiting over an hour for the meals we paid for I went in to ask how long they would be and was informed that they wouldn't be long. About 20 mins later the young kitchen hand came and told us that there was no roast beef left and would I like something else. No problem, gave him my next choice and the wait began again!!!!!!! After another half an hour I asked again, especially since I had seen one number allocated to the 3rd lot of orders (so someone was getting fed) I was then informed at 2.15pm that our order would be started next!!!!!!! Well needless to say I got our money back and will NEVER go there for a meal again!!!!!!!!!

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