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Murray's Whale Ale

Wed, 2014-01-08 18:27 -- bob
Murray's Whale Ale

FISHING around for interesting brews as you tend to do, I was drawn to Murray’s Whale Ale because it was described as an American wheat beer.

This presents an intrigue combination – bringing together a wheat beer with the use of typical American hops to deliver a floral drop with good body.

To me, the Murray’s range always presents something different and interesting and this is no exception.

It has a slight cloudiness with a dark gold appearance and a good head which lingers.

The bouquet is very much in keep with many American pale ales thanks to the types of hops used and this masks the wheat side of the drop though those with a a good 'honker' might be able to pick it up very subtly.

There’s plenty of body in the first mouthful. It’s smooth, slightly creamy, not overly gassy and initially presents fruity hints but these give way to subtle but distinct wheat flavours.

It’s the balance found in this ale which is its appeal and adds to its character. Whale has that element of freshness combined with just enough bitterness to draw you back.

It is a slightly heavier beer than most pales but it doesn't make you feel bloated but is full strength at 4.5 per cent.

IT is a sessionable beer, ideal for a barbeque of social gathering and is far more than a 'quaffing' beer.

I might suggest it with fresh seafood, light summer dishes such as chicken salads or some of your lighter spicy Asian dishes.

It is well-suited for the warmer months.


Get this nice and cold and serve it up in a tulip or balloon glass to savour the nose. It is a premium beer, costs $15 per 330ml four pack and is available through the major chains such as BWS.

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