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Pickled Pig Brewery Sunrise Ale

Thu, 2017-01-19 11:38 -- bob
Pickled Pig Brewery Sunrise Ale

FROM the Pickled Pig Brewery at Tweed Heads comes an interesting little drop called Sunrise Ale.

This ale is slightly cloudy in nature with a bright white head but offers a distinctive fruit nose.

It is a saison-style of beer using a passionfruit base which produces a slight sour flavour at first, which may be a little confronting, but this gives way to a pleasant bitterness in the aftertaste.

Actually the flavour is quite appealing after a few mouthfuls, and it certainly delivers in the thirst-quenching department.

It’s a surprising mix and lends itself to being a very sessionable beer and is something a bit different.

It doesn’t sit heavily in the gut but at 4.6 per cent, it is a full-strength beer.

This small craft brewery is developing a reputation for beers outside the square and brewer, South African Paul Brewer (I kid you not) is coming up with some interesting drops. It is well worth dropping in if you are in the neighbourhood and tasting a few brews.

I think it would go well with fresh seafood or even a spicy Asian salad.


Definitely serve this nice and cold and in a balloon glass. It’s not widely distributed but can be picked up from the brewery in Tweed Heads South for around $20 fro a 330ml six-pack. Visit

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