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Radeberger pilsner

Tue, 2011-04-19 07:47 -- bob
Radeberger pilsner

IF you bother to look around, you can find little ‘treasures’ all over the place.

On one of my journeys, I came across an appealing German pilsner Radeberger.

This fully imported drop offers up all that you come to expect from German beer,
flavour, body and purity.

This fully imported pilsner has a clean honey/straw colour with a tight, white head and a
distinctive hop aroma.

It is clean and crisp across the palate with body, though it tends to be on the lighter side
in nature, not alcohol content.

In fact Radeberger is 4.8 percent and a six pack delivers a pleasant glow within wiping
you out.

The hop nature of this pilsner is evident in flavour and in the aftertaste which has a well-
balanced degree of bitterness.

It also doesn’t sit heavily in the gut.

Beers which have a dominant hop nature can put people off but I found this to be
refreshing, especially on a hot day after some yard work and very easy to drink.

It had good sessionability and provides a good alternative if you have had enough of the mainstream Aussie fare.

It would be well suited to dishes like pickled pork, perhaps some tastier German sausages with sauerkraut (of course) or even spicy meats like salami.

You’ll find this is a beer that grows on you, especially if you enjoy any bitterness in

There’s nothing too complicated about Radeberger pilsner which makes all the easier to
drink – prost!


Serve this up nice and cold, almost chilled and in a decent balloon shape glass to
appreciate the aroma. At around $14 a 330ml six pack, this is a good value imported beer worth the effort of tracking down.

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Geoman1's picture

Geoman1 (not verified)

Just got back from Germany, Radeberger there like most beers is sold in 500ml bottle.

Radeberger is from Saxony near Dreseden in the South East of the Country.

It leaves a slight bitter after taste, if you like this Bitbiter is also a good bitter PILS beer from Germany, you can get that from Dan Murphys.



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