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Tue, 2011-05-03 01:06 -- bob

IT is completely unintentional that this week’s review beer comes from Japan.

I came across Sapporo on the way to a party and while I have tried many Japanese beers
and found them to my liking (what beer isn’t), I hadn’t tried this more famous brand.

Sapporo has all the hallmark qualities of Japanese beers when it comes to colour,
appearance and aroma but it has a unique aftertaste quality unlike other beers from Japan which I have tired.

The appearance is a clean golden straw colour with a good tight white head.

The aroma is mostly barley with a hint of malt but I found that when it came to the
aftertaste, that’s where Sapporo stand apart.

It has plenty of body and is full of flavour, more so than many of the other beers which
come from the Land of the Rising Sun.

To put it in lay terms – this is a meat and potatoes beer rather than a fish and rice style.

There’s a moorish malt undertone that comes through and coupled with a well-balanced
degree of bitterness, this is beer which will appeal to a broad Aussie market, especially
those who enjoy some of the mainstream drops.

Surprisingly, this Sapporo is imported from Canada so whether that has nay bearing of
the end result, I don’t know.

I do know that this is different from other Japanese beers, being heavier in nature and at 5 percent, it’s no lightweight either.

I would suggest that this is better suited to red meat dishes, a decent stew or even a good

It is right at home with the Aussie barbeque and while I wouldn’t call it a thirst quencher, it is a very social beer with good sessionability though you do need to be aware of its strength.

Sapporo is a smooth, well-balanced Asian beer with substance and one which is very
`satisfying’ and not feeling like there is something missing.


Serve this nice a cold, either from a glass or straight from the stubbie. This won’t appeal
to blonde lovers but for those who enjoy some of the commercial Aussie brews. It is
versatile and at around $15 per 355ml six pack, its good value as well.

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