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XXXX Gold Pale Ale

Wed, 2015-11-25 19:41 -- bob
XXXX Gold Pale Ale

IT seems just about everyone is into making a pale ale these days – big brewers, little brewers, home brewers – who isn't making the stuff? Now while I enjoy a decent pale ale as much as the next person, especially in the warmer months, I question why some brands feel the need to go there. Australia’s largest selling beer, XXXX Gold (yes, believe it or not) is the latest major label to dabble in this highly competitive section of the beer market. Now XXXX Gold is a safe, mainstream mid which isn't too complicated and obviously meets the market need so why try and confuse people with a pale?

Also, if you are going to release a pale ale, be wary that there will be many people (pale ale lovers) who will put this drop under the microscope and weigh it up against some of the other brands out there. If you brand something pale ale, at least make it have some pale quality. Sadly I struggled to find that in the Gold version and I have given a fair crack.

In fact, I struggled to find any difference between stubbies of the regular and pale. I even called in a good mate of mine who is a confessed Gold drinker and while he noted there was only a very subtle difference – "a little more tang to it" – he said but there wasn't that much change. I did think the pale had slightly more body but for all the hype, I found it very lacking. Perhaps the draught version might offer something different.

If you are a Gold drinker, this will be worth a try and you spot the difference.

If you are a dedicated fan of flavoursome pale ales, particularly those with strong floral characteristics and abundant hop flavours – save yourself the disappointment.

Look, you don’t get to be the biggest selling beer in Australia for no reason and I'm sure XXXX Gold drinkers will welcome the new addition to the family but in a very discerning market, you need to have something more than just labelling to impress.

MY TIP: XXXX Gold is a refreshing beer on a hot day served up nice and cold and being a mid-strength, it certainly dominates the market. The Pale Ale version at around $16 per 375ml six pack try it and you can judge for yourself.

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