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Gin Gin Hotel, GIN GIN, QLD

Gin Gin Hotel
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(07) 4157 2106
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About Gin Gin Hotel: 

Gin Gin, just 52 km west of Bundaberg, the town and district are commonly known as Wild Scotsman Country in memory of James McPherson, Queensland’s only dinkum bushranger. The 193m Boolboonda Tunnel is the longest unsupported railway tunnel in the Southern Hemisphere.

Twenty kilometres to the north of Gin Gin, Lake Monduran spreads over 5344ha and extends an open invitation to water-skiers and fisherman on the trail of barramundi, sooty grunter, golden and silver perch, saratoga and sleepy cod
with which the waters are stocked.

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Reviews (3)

Kathy Fagan1's picture
Kathy Fagan1

Under New Management As of March 2015

5 years 1 month ago

Accommodation is great value!!!

ana.bee.5205's picture

Nice little hotel great food

5 years 11 months ago

A beautiful little place to visit, not much of a city, but a cute little town. People were friendly and the food at the pub was better then most local pubs in LGan, great value for money. Stayed upstairs reasonable price, nice and clean. Would recommend to friends. Thanx for making my stay comfy. X

Sbee's picture

Terrible food, service and Ignorant.

6 years 11 months ago

This place used to have great meals and good service before the new people took over.
I never knew the other owners or staff, but they used to go to great lengths for everyone!
I'm very slow to complain and VERY easy going, but four times now I've recieved horrible food.

First time: I paid $38 for a steak and veggies, med well, hotel was average busy ( weeknight) 30 min wait, big steak, burnt on the outside raw in the middle. I usually eat rare at home but this was raw. Asked the young girl politely what they could do. Nothing ," oh well sorry about that.

Second time: Works Hamburger, $under 20 I think, cheap hamburger buns, burnt to a crisp, three other patrons inside restaraunt. Waited 25 mins, not including the time standing at the counter waiting patiently while they finished their chat out back. There was loads of Bacon, which was nice, presentation was ok, meat patty was huge but was really sickly sweet, and my wife's meal had a horrible sweet dressing on a board special, she couldn't finish it and I couldn't eat the other half of the patty as it was like sugar had been poured on it.

Third time, I know stupid me, My friend ordered the works burger I ordered some other steak nearly $40, and $7.50 cheese bread..... We waited well over half hour, there was two other patrons that came in after us, and recieved their meals first, then the girl came out with two meals apparently for a takeaway order outside the hotel and down the road,??? (not in containers just on plates) she stood around talking on her mobile phone at the front counter while picking at the meals for at least 5minutes. I was disgusted but relieved when she walked past us out onto the street with the two meals finally we got the entree cheese toast, then seconds after our meals. The bread cheese and bacon was good.... Hamburger was the same as previous sweet, unable to eat it , my mate picked out the bacon and the butter of the cheap hamburger bun, he didn't eat the rest. My steak was average, not cooked nice tasted weird, not fresh. Chips had not salt and were cold from sitting??

fourth and FINAL
Never again will I go back, We ordered two simple meals, works hamburger and a chicken ceaser salad with no dressing and a cheese n bacon bread.
after yet another 30minute wait (4 other people inside 3 came after we ordered) Meals arrived after other peoples yet again.....and mains arived first, the works burger patty was better, very small this time, burnt and still cheap hamburger buns, the salad was slapped on there bits of lettuce a couple of bits of cucumber and a couple of end bits of tomatoe bacon was almost raw?? Waited 30 mins????? And the cheese bacon bread didn't come out till half way thru the main. my wife's salad was coated in a salad dressing that we asked have none, and my chips were old cold and yuk. The salad dressing tasted like it had come straight out of a praise bottle.
She couldn't eat it and there was a whole bowl left I asked politely if I could get it in a container to take home and eat myself tomorrow, As they do takeaway and have done this for me and other customers several times before. The larger girl bluntly replied we can't do that sorry.

BE AWARE, !!! ?i would be dumbfounded if anyone in the kitchen has any form of formal training.
I won't go back and will happily drive out of my home town for a meal from now on.

The young girl unfortunetly has no customer service skills, yet again neither does anyone else there.


Comments (3)

steve 's picture

steve (not verified)

How can you order a meal. When they won't let you see the menu til you are at the cashier. And no vb. Cans. Who needs security in the restaurant. Won't go again.

Anonymous's picture

Anonymous (not verified)

I had a meal there with my fiancee. The Meal, a burger with fries, was dry and not tasty at all. The best thing was, that the service started to clean our table before we finished our meal. He didnt think about asking and poured out the water of my full glas as he layed it down on my full plate.
I wouldnt recommend a wasting money at this restaurant unless you want to see a waitress running around with sunglasses.

cav's picture

cav (not verified)

Hey Woodsey.
Just seen a brillant band at Pomona pub.
Travelling to Gunalda pub then Bauple pub.
Their name ic Parafanailya. or tony on bass 0439841237

Regards dave cav

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