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Colonial Hotel, WERRINGTON, NSW

Colonial Hotel - image 1
156Victoria Road
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+61 2 9623 1384
+61 2 9623 3994
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Twelve different beers on tap just says it all! The sports bar is a great meeting place. With crisp modern interior, the sports bar flows onto an elegant undercover outdoor area. There are pool tables, video Jukebox, Keno, TAB Sports bet and big screen TVs featuring all your favourite sports.
Our patrons describe it as a great place to be with friends and family. Our new modern open plan bistro, serving all your favourites with daily specials. Our chefs prepare all meals to order using the freshest ingredients available. There is an eclectic mix of Modern Australian cuisine through to all your favourites you come to expect.

We pride ourselves on our Steaks, Pizzas, Burgers and Salads

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Comments (12)

Louise's picture

Louise (not verified)

The bar here has heaps of good options and the staff are good. There was a confusion with my order and the staff happily toolkit back and had it remade ASAP. I was totally surprised with the level of service for a pub. Also was a great hangout! Lots of room, good music volume and TVs.

jacels's picture

jacels (not verified)

just wanted your accommodtion rates and I do not twitter/facebook/ wikki/blog or much arround with "win a TV"

Eddie's picture

Eddie (not verified)

Please keep the karaoke on Saturday night's,it's the best around !!!!
Mark is also the best host !.........the other's are boring !!!!!

Eddie's picture

Eddie (not verified)

Seem's you don't listen to customer views ?.........NOW look at your venue,No karaoke and NO crowd !!!!.......well done,gone from most popular hotel in the area to close to the least popular on Saturday night's !!!!

emily's picture

emily (not verified)

hi just wondering if you hold weddings at the colonial?

Anonymous's picture

Anonymous (not verified)

I went to the colonial at Warrington on Monday night with the family for dinner and to watch the footy... it was OK . I ordered the chicken caeser salad. It smelt very bad. Thinking it was the parmesan cheese.. "Well when i got home i was very sick with food poisoning" . All night i was vomiting and had fevers and stomach cramps . The salad also went straight through me.. This is our local place to go. I have second thought's about going back there for dinner ever again! I think the bar staff are really good and the pokey players staff are very helpful. I really do enjoy going the Colonial, it is such a shame that this has happened, But it really only takes one bad experience to turn people off !!!!

Anonymous's picture

Anonymous (not verified)

Karaoke on Saturday nights is a blast. It's the biggest crowd and the best atmosphere of any karaoke I've ever been too. The food is pretty good though there can be a bit of a wait to order because it is so busy. Overall it's a pretty friendly place with good security and plenty of parking.

Eddie Fabar's picture

Eddie Fabar (not verified)

On Saturday,14th Jan 2012,my wife & I went to the karaoke as we do most saturday's ! Well, I wanted to order a drink,unfortunately one staff member was cleaning,one looked at me and walked off before another came up and started serving her friend.The friend told her I was waiting 1st,she just said something to the lady and ignored me,waiving her hand in a motion that suggested that I could wait ? This service to my suprise continued all night until a different girl started serving (thank god for her) I myself work in hotels and have sang the praises of the Werrington hotel since it's refurbishment,even declaring to my licensee that it was my choice of Penrith hotel's !!!!
The food was good, the staff in the bistro are great but what's doin at the main bar ??? Is there a rule that regular's or staff friends get served 1st ?

2nd issue: One drunken clown that looked hyped up on steroids continued to cause havoc all night,spoken to once by the manager,once more by the supervisor (Frank) for swearing = f..k & C..t over the mic ! He continued to bully a favourite local boy (Steve) that sing's regularly,but appear's a bit slow,talking him into drinking alcohol and sending him to the bar on several occasions.
I and other's watched in amazement as this guy appeared drunk & disorderly but was not asked to leave ?,but other's were ! (arrh,could have been a regular maybe???)

Anonymous's picture

Anonymous (not verified)

i must say that the colonial hotel would have to be one of the most decent pubs in penrith ALL STAFF and security are polite and very freindly. i have never had a problem there at all i would pick this pub over any pub it has a good thing going....

the food is always great and deffineltly good value for its money . . . kakakoe is a good hit verry popular with all the patrons... all the regulars are wonderfull people aswelll and i have never found that they get first priority... the bar staff do their best to compensate for everyone..

as for drunken fooolls what pub doesnt have them and once again the staff and security are always on the ball to cut off people who approching intoxication...

just because one person feels they have had a bad experiance does not mean anyone else has to.

so i say rock on down to the colonial hotel for a most wonderfully relaxed time anyday of the week

Eddie's picture

Eddie (not verified)

Maybe you have never experianced bad service,that does not mean it doesn't happen & if your statements are true why sign off as anonymous.............stand up for what you believe is true ! You'll find someone may actually believe your crap !!!...............Also the colonial desparately needs to bring MARK back to run the karaoke or don't they notice the drop off in attendance ?????........You can't buy people skill's & the knowhow to work the crowd !!!!!!! (Come back Mark all is forgiven)

kristy's picture

kristy (not verified)

just a quick comment .about sunday breakfast.
my family and i have been twice to breakfast and on both occasions the food was really cold both the big breaky and the i think that are great value for money but pls try to make athem eevn just alittle hotter.thats all... other than that we love the pub it great.and maybe a kids room or area would be great .we come down for dinner or lunch at least twice a week but the kids nag there nothing to do.jsua sugesstion that s all weould make it alot more appealing for families.i know from my friends comments.
thanx again

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