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Royal Hotel, CAPERTEE, NSW

Royal Hotel
Mudgee Road
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About Royal Hotel: 

Capertee is a quiet little tablelands village, located 186 km north-west of Sydney and 42 km north of Lithgow. It sits on the peak of the Great Dividing Range, about 800 m above sea-level and has a population of about 180 people. The water from the western slopes flows west to the Murray while the eastern slopes drain into the Pacific Ocean. Grazing, farming, timbergetting and the local mines and power stations constitute the basis of the local economy.

The Royal Hotel has double, family, twin and single rooms.

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Comments (4)

mick ivanovic's picture

mick ivanovic (not verified)

great food great service great gub keep good work
ohh great staff love u.

Rebecca Burnett-Smith's picture

Rebecca Burnett... (not verified)

would you have accommodation for 4 people on 3rd Oct?

Southern Bell's picture

Southern Bell (not verified)

Just a little note to say we had a great weekend as always and that the company and food is the best, will be back there on the Queens weekend.

Anonymous's picture

Anonymous (not verified)


We dropped in the other weekend on our way back from the Royal hotel Building at Dunedoo. We will be heading up on Thursday evening and I was wondering if you could email me a menu and times for Thursday evening Tucker. Thanks Trevor Rose and Joanne

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