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Criterion Hotel Yarrawonga, YARRAWONGA, VIC

Criterion Hotel Yarrawonga
1 Belmore St
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03 57443839
03 57433173
About Criterion Hotel Yarrawonga: 

Welcome to the Criterion Hotel

Criterion Hotel is located in the heart of Yarrawonga at 1 Belmore Street.

There's something for everyone!

2009 AHA (VIC) State Awards for Excellence

Best Outdoor or Non-Enclosed Facility
Winner - Criterion Hotel, Yarrawonga.

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Comments (2)

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Anonymous (not verified)

When you go out 4 a meal it's not good to waiting well over an hour for your meal then have boiled sloppy frozen vegetable thrown on a plate with over cooked boiled meat was dog food sorry dog would not eat it

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Anonymous (not verified)

Went to criterion with friends on Saturday to have a meal and a few drinks before the footy and was most disappointed with the service. Why would you have three people working doing bar work and meals when it must be obvious that there would be a large number of people dining and drinking??Had to wait 90 minutes for a meal, one of my friends couldn't wait that long and had to go without. Had to wait ages to get a drink and you didn't even have the bar outside open. The staff that were there were very good and tried to keep us happy but I believe the manager needs to realise that the pub needs to have appropriate numbers of staff available to sertvice the clientelle.

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