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Normanville Hotel, NORMANVILLE, SA

Normanville Hotel
46 Main Road
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+61 8 8558 3200
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About Normanville Hotel: 

One of the state's oldest Hotels, the Normanville Hotel was established in 1851 and has been owned and managed by the Blacklock family since the early 1970's.

In 2003 the hotel wasredeveloped in order to meet the changing needs of the local community and in particular the large influx of tourists at peak season.

The Hotel has a wonderful menu, magnificent food, and is beautifully renovated.
Function Room

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Comments (4)

Kerrymilburn's picture

Kerrymilburn (not verified)

Poor customer service. We too had encounter with the unpleasant female owner. Messed up the order so that we got two meals but then had to wait 20 minutes for the next 2 - while we were waiting we asked if we could have some bread rolls in the meantime but staff were only authorised to give us one bread roll between a table of four to tide us over and refused to give us four!!
I asked to speak to owner/manager who did not even bother come to the table. Really poor customer service - never again.

Andrew's picture

Andrew (not verified)

No idea of the food or service, as when we (5 of us) went in, our 10yo son explored into the 'Casino' room and then came back in and sat down; the owner, an thoroughly unattractive older lady, came straight to our table, went up to our 10yo and told him several times in an very unpleasant intimidating manner that he had illegally entered the room. She probably could have told us, but she chose to tell him instead. He burst into tears, we got up and asked to see her to express our unhappiness at his treatment, got told by her in the same unpleasant manner that it was our fault. So we left. Maybe the food is great, don't know. The owner is enough reason not to go.

Lizzie's picture

Lizzie (not verified)

This Hotel was a real treat. have picniced at Normanville many times but this time decided to check the internet, found this gem.,
Staff very attentive, friendly, decor opulent, so tastefully done to a very old Hotel.
Most importantly a delicious meal and a good wine. We ate during the middle of the week.
We will recommend to our friends and we will return.

Absolutely stunning dining room, the staff were amazingly helpful and friendly, the food was suprisingly great for the price, a great selection of local wine. Thoroughly enjoyed my visit. Keep up the good work guys!

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