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Commercial Hotel, RAPPVILLE, NSW

Commercial Hotel
Nandabah Street
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About Commercial Hotel: 

The small town of Rappville is just a stone's throw from the thriving township of Casino and it's conveniences, yet retains a quiet, simple pub, of the tradition of country towns.
The Commercial Hotel has a great bistro for lunch,and serves some of the coldest beer on the North Coast.
There is accommodation on the first floor with all rooms enjoying access to the federation-style sweeping balcony and shared bathroom facilities. Tea and coffee making equipment is available as is hot water from your hosts.

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Reviews (1)

ben.winter.7792's picture

Catch em before their gone..

5 years 11 months ago

Great old back roads pub, very quite.. (good) .. friendly lady (owner?) behind bar , rooms are cheap(!) but at the moment she,s doing everything herself and would prefer people organized their own meals.. can,t wait to spend a night and rock that top balcony, (live in LIsmore!) .. old Coombell , just up the road is a spooky looking old place too, with abandoned stuff and what not..


Comments (1)

Anonymous's picture

Anonymous (not verified)

On boxing day, my partner, who is a friendly type of person, went into this pub. On the way in, she said hello to a customer, receiving a stare instead of a response. Then she greeted the woman working behind the bar. Another stare. Unsurprisingly, she turned around and left without buying anything.

This might be a good place to go if you have lived in Rappville all your life, but for visitors the attitude of xenophobia they may encounter could be very offputting.

1 star.

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