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Shortland Hotel, SHORTLAND, NSW

Shortland Hotel
269 Sandgate Road
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About Shortland Hotel: 

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Reviews (1)

Owen's picture

Young tough guy locals stuff your pub

7 years 10 months ago

Love the staff, they are excellent and friendly A++
Your problem is young blokes who think they are tough. Too many tattooed little runts with arms the size of small drinking straws who strut around like they own the joint. Great bunch of older locals and punters who embrace the old school kind of sit at the bar and say g'day ethic.
But later on the wannabe tough guys (just 18 and tuff with mates...) stuff the nice country pub atmosphere up... Sorry guys, just telling it like it is as a guy who travels and loves a beer and counter meal.
By the way the meal was great...
And finally just want to say again that all the staff, particularly the female bar staff are fantastic, always smiling and engaging.


Comments (5)

Laurel 's picture

Laurel (not verified)

I must say I was impressed with the quality of food at Shortland Hotel. The daily specials also make it affordable to go there at least once a week. I don't think I have had a 'bad meal experience' yet - and I am a fussy eater. I quite like the family friendly environment. Given we do not have a reliable car at the moment, we prefer something a bit closer to home. From the outside I thought Shortland Hotel was a 'no go zone' however I was pleasantly surprised once I stepped inside and had a look. The steak nights are my favourites.Really, can you prepare a steak and vegie meal for $13pp?? If I am having another long working day, Shortland Hotel is the way to go. You can either dine in or take your meal as a take away. Beats the fish and chip place up the road. NB: I am a foodie and love to create master pieces at home, it's nice to 'get out though' and unwind after a long day at work. Thanks to the staff for making our visits memorable ones. Cheers, Lozza

Dianne's picture

Dianne (not verified)

On Monday night 20th Aug. My husband and I plus a friend where very disappointed with our meals if we want to eat frozen veg and instand potato I would eat at home not pay good money for it

Ron's picture

Ron (not verified)

The Shorty Tavern has great food , great service , excellent friendly staff , cold beer , a good TAB & great atmosphere . What more could one ask for !!!

Anonymous's picture

Anonymous (not verified)

Bad meals........Bad service.......Extremely ignorant bar staff who practically through my change back at me.....Never go back and will advise other people too..........

Anonymous's picture

Anonymous (not verified)

Great atmosphere and great food and great prices!!! Very impressed with the new renovations!!

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