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Dog 'n' Bull Hotel, BONALBO, NSW

Dog 'n' Bull Hotel
23 Sandilands Street
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(02) 6665 1477
(02) 6665 1259
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About Dog 'n' Bull Hotel: 

Welcome to the Dog 'N Bull Hotel; Open from 11am Bar Bottleshop Accommodation Bistro The Hotel guarantees great Service, Food and accommodation.

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Reviews (1)

Penny Peter Hirschl's picture
Penny Peter Hirschl

God forbid the piaty of the anonymous Lisencee defender of the " Dog 'n' Bull!

8 years 5 months ago

The accommodation was clean and comfortable and food is good.

Kerry (Licensee's Wife) is the heart and sole of the establishment, thank god for her. On the other hand, the Licensee, lacks judgement and manners to the extreme!

If alternate accommodation was available we would have taken it!

I expect, I shall receive a rude rebuke from the anonymous Licensee defender, as he has done to similar criticism previously.

Peter Hirschl

Comments (12)

Robyn's picture

Robyn (not verified)

The new owners are fantastic, and the Hotel has now become an extreemly clean and socially acceptable family friendly place to visit or stay. The kitchen opens all days except Monday, and the new faces arriving every week show that attitudes towards this pub have changed and will undoubtably continue to improve.
Thanks to Kerry for her extreemly helpful information on the town and its surroundings.

Bob N Kym's picture

Bob N Kym (not verified)

had a great T-bone with pepper sauce, went down really well with a few beers. top atmosphere. got to hear a few jokes from Win, a funny bloke!

Anonymous's picture

Anonymous (not verified)

What a great atmosphere this Hotel exudes, especially on Karaoke night!
It is a family friendly Hotel, with excellent food, clean and pleasant surroundings and they do cater for special occasions. The Hotel also supports the local community in many ways which is especially important in small rural areas. People don't need to be entertained every 5 minutes , the hotel has pool tables, television,dart board,jukebox,dining room and a spacious dining room and verandah for meeting with friends. Family and friends have enjoyed the Dog 'n' Bull's hospitality and for anyone visiting this area you will be impressed by the facilities this little township offers.

Thompson Family's picture

Thompson Family (not verified)

Great atmosphere, lovely welcoming staff and too die for showers. Only place I have stayed where the showers are hot & water pressure good. Will tell anyone travelling this way to stay at the Dog & Bull & eat at the Bistro.

Stayed there last weekend with a group of motorbike friends from BNE. Had a great time. Good meals, friendly atmosphere. It was karaoke night (last Sat of the month) and plenty of locals, including kids, turned up for a sing song. Great community feeling.

McGrath Girls's picture

McGrath Girls (not verified)

My sister's and myself grow up in Bonalbo 44years we decided to make the road trip back to have a look around and catch up with some old friends.While in town we stayed at the Dog 'n' Bull Hotel.
Our rooms were well equipped clean and tidy, comfortable beds and off street parking.We have decided to make the trip again and have re-booked the rooms again. Thank you to the owner and staff for your welcomed country hospitality!

jason mc master's picture

jason mc master (not verified)

iwas at the pub last week, ha friendly staff my butt. im glad to visit the country side once a year, but never again will i go to the dog n bull hotel

Anonymous's picture

Anonymous (not verified)

well maybe it was your attitude that sucked mate

The Baxters's picture

The Baxters (not verified)

We stopped for lunch on our road trip and it was just a beautiful pub with the staff so friendly. Go the Rabbitohs.

Anonymous's picture

Anonymous (not verified)

After having first hand knowledge of the pub and the local community, I believe that no matter what you put on for the drinkers, they will always say it's not enough. Get an education and get out of Bonalbo.

Anonymous's picture

Anonymous (not verified)

this pub is a good pub it looks and feels good. all the pub needs is more enterament. they addvise the pub more, have some thing on 4 the locals, happy hour, stuuf like that. they all need to talk with the loacls and ask them wat they want and what they like and do something about it. make poeple want to go the pub

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