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The Phoenix, CITY, ACT

The Phoenix
21 East Rw Canberra
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((02) 6162 1581
About The Phoenix: 

Now entering our 16th consecutive year of serving Canberra's best pint, The Phoenix is still going from strength to strength. We're still driven by the same ideals that got us into the pub business in the first place: serve the best pint in town, create a great atmosphere, and build a pub like no other. We've even outlived the Howard government.

There’s nothing fake about the well-worn charm of The Phoenix, its character is the real thing. Step inside the Phoenix’s cool, dark interior and sink into a worn old couch, mellow out and spout the kind of talk people spout when they’re quenching their thirst with a fine brew and forgetting the noise and nonsense of the world outside.

Ahh, Irish pubs. Some aren't, really. You think if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. And, you know you're probably right, because let's face it, all those Irish pubs hanging off a corner like a McDonalds franchise look the bloody same. Made by gnomes in Melbourne and shipped Australia-wide. Here at the Phoenix we don't flog our culture like it's a plaster leprechaun on special in a two-dollar shop.The Phoenix isn’t just another one of those Irish pubs. It's a culture unto itself.

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