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Sir William Wallace Hotel, BALMAIN, NSW

Sir William Wallace Hotel
31 Cameron Street
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About Sir William Wallace Hotel: 

A historic Scottish style pub in the heart of Sydney's Balmain peninsula, the Sir William Wallace Hotel is popular with both locals and overseas visitors alike.

Well known for the being the drinking hole of actor Mel Gibson, as well as the location for such classic Aussie television series as Water Rats and films such as Caddie, the "Willy Wally" has everything you could ask for in a pub.

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Comments (3)

rita & mary's picture

rita & mary (not verified)

thanks for the funniest unexpected night
Your pub is very quaint,and you were a great host,your satff are attentive,great atmosphere
Thanks again
Rita & Mary

Alex's picture

Alex (not verified)

This is one of the Best Pubs in Sydney great people and staff 5 star food and really good to hang out.

It is a pub for the Locals but it is worth coming here, go and see for ureself.

Anonymous's picture

Anonymous (not verified)

The William Wallace has the best roasts in Sydney!! Yorkshire puddings - brilliant.

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