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Town Hall Hotel, NEWTOWN, NSW

Town Hall Hotel
326 King Street
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About Town Hall Hotel: 

The Town Hall Hotel, Newtown - or the `TOWNIE` as it is affectionately known by its patrons - is a hub of activity and a great place to come and visit.

Our newly renovated pub has 2 large bar areas, our Platform 8 Bistro and several outdoor areas - for those who prefer to enjoy the wonderful weather Sydney has to offer.

Convienently located next to Newtown Railway Station, the Townhall Hotel is Sydney's Alternative to the Alternatives - A melting pot of sub cultures and counter cultures.

The Townie has a rich tradition in Newtown. Established in 1878 ,the Townie has since that time occupied a special place in the eyes of all our customers,past and present. Many a lifelong associations have been formed within our walls,which holds a special place in all the Hotels Locals.

So whether you’re a local or just passing through, come in enjoy the best we have to offer. Welcome to the ``TOWNIE``.

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