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Bodalla Arms Hotel, BODALLA, NSW

Bodalla Arms Hotel
Princes Highway
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About Bodalla Arms Hotel: 

Historically this hotel is significant locally for the importance of its architect in the local area and for its role in representing the extent of commercial development at the time. Socially the building has local significance for having been a major centre of social activity and for having provided a meeting place for Bodalla residents and visitors for over 100 years.

Great atmosphere,friendly staff,great service,ice cold beer,Accommodation,restaurant/bistro,courtesy Bus,live music,eftpos, amazing views, family friendly

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Comments (2)

Everil's picture

Everil (not verified)

Could anyone please let me know the name of the Bodalla Pub back in the 1960's. I remember going there as a child and looking through the window at all the risque photos on the wall. Now I can't remember the name. Thanks

RSD pub connisuer's picture

RSD pub connisuer (not verified)

In my early 20's I got told about this hotel down south that had these great nude photos on the wall inside. So naturally enough when I ventured down south I had to check them out. It took me 2 schooners to check them all out, it was very educational. The pub's name was then called "McKONKEY'S" when I visited it on 24th January 1974.

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