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Royal Hotel, BONDI, NSW

Royal Hotel
Bondi Road & Denham Street
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About Royal Hotel: 

The ROYAL HOTEL has been an iconic Bondi landmark for over 100 years, known as 'The Gateway to Bondi' the ROYAL is a vibrant, eclectic, yet relaxed and friendly pub on the doorstep of Australia’s most famous beach.

Catering to travelers & locals alike the ROYAL comprises unique bars, beergarden & bistro, wine store & accommodation. As well as providing fantastic funky entertainment & the latest TAB facilities and function areas for private hire.

Located on the famous last corner of Bondi Road & Denham street; the ROYAL was originally constructed on this site in 1901/02 & has a proud history of serving & entertaining the local community for over a century. The ROYAL Hotel holds a unique place in Australian folklore.

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