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Bredbo Inn Hotel, BREDBO, NSW

Bredbo Inn Hotel
Monaro Highway
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About Bredbo Inn Hotel: 

Bredbo Inn Hotel is the place where ‘the man from the snowy river died’. He passed away in our stables after falling from his horse crossing the bridge on a frosty morning. Gossip has it that Clancy of the overflow once worked in this pub. The pub was used as a coaching house in the early days of its establishment. The oldest part of the building is built out of river stone and mortar. The walls are 22 inches thick. The Murrinbidgee River runs within 1 km behind the pub. This pub has one of the longest running licences in NSW and is one of the oldest pubs in Australia still operating. Bredbo Inn Hotel was established in 1836 and is close to snowfields in winter, good fishing in summer. Counter meals available from Thursday to Sunday.

Facilities include:

Bar, BBQ Facilities. Car park, Ice, Open fireplace, All rooms include electric blanket, ATM, TAB / SKY, Dining Room, Free Breakfast for Tenants, Games, Bingo, Jumping Castle, Beer Garden, Karaoke, Line Music, Heaters in all Rooms, Security Cameras Throughout,and Log Fires. We provide a friendly environment, where families and pets are welcome, housing for pets is provided outside the pub.

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