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Brocklesby Hotel, BROCKLESBY, NSW

Brocklesby Hotel
12 Main Street
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About Brocklesby Hotel: 

Affectionately known as the Brock Pub, the hotel has always been the social hub of the small rural community.

It was originally a weatherboard building, which now serves as a house, and replaced by an imposing brick building by the time rail arrived in 1892.

Like many rural towns in the 1990s, Brocklesby was in danger of losing its hotel licence to new venues for the Sydney Olympics.

The license and freehold was sold to a Sydney consortium in 1998, leaving Brocklesby with no pub for 18 months.

A committee joined with the nearby Pleasant Hills community to lobby the NSW Government, leading to the creation of hotel community licences.

Brocklesby was granted the second community license in NSW in 2000.

The shire bought the freehold and leased it back to the newly formed incorporated body for a nominal fee.

The pub trades only four evenings a week and draws patrons from with 10km.

Drink up for the community!!!

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Comments (1)

r0b brocklesby's picture

r0b brocklesby (not verified)

hi rob here just would like to know h0w this town and your pub got there name as i know this is not a common name thanks

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