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Empire Hotel, COBAR, NSW

Empire Hotel - image 1
6 Barton Street
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The Empire Hotel features Austar, Keno, 9 beers on tap including Coopers, a drive thru bottle shop and has a family friendly atmosphere. The hotel has a bistro that is open from 12noon to 2pm and 6pm to 9pm, Monday to Saturday. They can also cater for coaches, tour groups and functions.

Business Hours:
Monday-Saturday: 9.30am until late; Sunday: 10am to 12midnigh

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Reviews (1)

Matthew Saison's picture
Matthew Saison

My first impression of Cobar

10 months 2 weeks ago

Moving to Cobar back around the end of 2007, I was given my first impression of the town by a visit to the Empire Hotel.

Lacking cold beer, I visited the establishment to pick up some beverages for the warm summer afternoon.

Entering through the drive through, I picked a six pack from the fridge. If my memory serves me correctly I think it was Melbourne Bitter, although I regularly drank Coopers Pale Ale at the time.

I was greeted by the Publican, who I would later know as "Damien", who said something along the lines of "What do you want?"

I was befuddled by this question, as I was unsure of the answer, and why I was required to answer it verbally; the fact that I had just placed a six pack of beer on the counter implied that I intended to purchase it. I stubled "Uhhh... I'd like to... buy some beer?"

He replied, abruptly. "I'm going to need to see some ID, because I don't know who the fuck you are, and you're in my pub."

I produced my driver's licence and he looked at it for far longer than was necessary to verify the date, picture and legitimacy of the documentation, while periodically staring me up and down.

After this thorough examination had been completed, he rang up my beer I and paid for it and left. All the while, not another word was spoken.

Welcome to Cobar.

I later frequented the establishment and I will say that the Jukebox had a good selection of CD's. However, Damien's smug personality continued to permeate the Friday night spirit. I remember distinctly one smug comment about a group of us being "too young to know any good music" followed by him hijacking the jukebox and putting on some Hendrix. I had the entirety of Hendrix's albums and was quite obsessed, but I let it slide. There was no point engaging.


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