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Great Western Hotel, COBAR, NSW

Great Western Hotel
12-20 Marshall Street
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(02) 6836 2503‎
(02) 6836 1256
About Great Western Hotel: 

Relax on the open balcony of the 1898 Great Western Hotel, reputedly the longest balcony in the State.
Bistro open 7 days

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Comments (2)

Theo Spykers's picture

Theo Spykers (not verified)

Over many years I've stayed in your Motel Accomodation numerous times when traveling through Cobar.
It's fairly basic lodging, but as long as there's a clean bed and shower I don't mind at all.
However, tonight I was allocated a room in the Hotel due to the Motel being full.
The room I was allocated was just absolutely disgusting, the fridge doesn't work, the heater doesn't either and there's no TV antenna cable connected to watch any TV at all!
To my way of thinking, the $ 70.00 fee I was charged for one night's accomodation wasn't even worth half that amount!
It is a grotty and grubby room with spiderwebs behind the curtains!!!!!
Clean up your premises, Great Western Hotel before I'm even considering coming back!

Ashleigh Bellotti's picture

Ashleigh Bellotti (not verified)

Mr Sykers,
I apologise for the state of your room and the fact that the motel was booked out. Unfortunately we were renovating the hotel accommodation at the time and I am unaware as to why the room you refer to was let at all. I would imagine the staff were attempting to keep you off the street due to the accommodation shortage. The next time you are in Cobar I encourage you to come to the hotel and see how the hotel accommodation has been improved, we would be more than happy to off you a complimentary stay.

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