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Newmarket Hotel, COROWA, NSW

Newmarket Hotel
249 Honour Avenue
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About Newmarket Hotel: 

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Do you own or manage this Pub? You can edit this Pub by requesting editing access or logging in if you already have editing access.

Reviews (1)

Melbourne traveller's picture
Melbourne traveller

Should not be in hospitality

6 years 6 months ago

Walked into bistro for dinner on sat night after having dined there a few nights before and on that night enjoyed our meals and service. However walking in tonight we had 5 adults and 3 children ( without a reservation) and was told we could not push 2 tables together. The older lady behind the bar was totally rude about this and not accommodating at all. Not only did she lose what would have been about $250 revenue she has lost all future recommendations as we have family in the area and was due back at Xmas but never again. Maybe other review is correct as we had children with us. And she hates kids

Comments (6)

Janelle 's picture

Janelle (not verified)

The new cooks have made it the best feeded in town if you can get in so ring ahead as its full a lot of the time It's a must try you will came back over and over again

Disgusted's picture

Disgusted (not verified)

Disappointed with the service and environment. Wrong change in regards to the money. THE WORST PART IS ... NOT KIDS FRIENDLY ...!!!!!!

Meals are just average. Presentation is good however, quite expensive especially when we ordered a chicken parmigiana with chips only. Thought would get more chips to replace 'NO SALAD nor VEG'. But we were so so wrong! Not worth the value. Cleanliness not impressive. It's a pub meal, for heaven sake...!!! Don't treat it as if it's a High Class Restaurant !!

Will never go to the pub to have the meals again....!!!!

John's picture

John (not verified)

Had a family night out last nite with over twenty of us. New ownership has done wonders. Meals were fantastic and very cosy atmosphere. Beer was cold service was great. Good to see the pub bought back to life again. Highly recommend.

Sam's picture

Sam (not verified)

Had dinner there tonight and it was fantastic. Even though it was busy it was quick service and fresh food. Beer was nice and cold. Wood fire nice and cosy. New owner took over last month what a difference clean tidy and friendly

Anonymous's picture

Anonymous (not verified)

Dirty, grotty, poor beer , lousy service, horrid food.
Think its time for a change of operator !!!!

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