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Royal Hotel, CUDAL, NSW

Royal Hotel
Main Street
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About Royal Hotel: 

The Royal is a great place to have a drink with friends. This historic Bar has seen many changes since it was built in the late 1800's but the Royal Bar still maintains the old world charm of a historic Hotel.
There is a large BBQ area at the rear of the hotel where you can cook your own food supplied by the hotel.
The Royal Hotel has 2 rooms and offers accommodation from $50 a night.


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Comments (3)

Kate's picture

Kate (not verified)

Awesome people and yes the rooms will be updated as new owners have just taken over.

Anonymous's picture

Anonymous (not verified)

Needs a lot of work accomadation is very poor.

Needs promoting, need things to bring in the customers inn.

I would give about 2 out of 10 for the cleaning.

Would I stay there? no! but hey only $50.00 can't expect much for that.

Local people are very frendly not a problem there and the new owner may do some good this time if they can get rid of the freehold owner.

Ora Vidak's picture

Ora Vidak (not verified)

Do you have rooms (accommodation) to stay in?
Are they double and single ones?
I live in New Zealand but hope to visit Cudal next June 2011 and may need accommodation.
Would appreciate any information you have.
Thank you in anticipation.

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