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Golden Sheaf Hotel, DOUBLE BAY, NSW

Golden Sheaf Hotel
427-431 New South Head Road
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About Golden Sheaf Hotel: 

The Golden Sheaf has long been a staple haunt for the eastern suburbs set. And you can understand why: behind its unassuming Art Deco façade lies a hedonists' playground. There are four bars, constant entertainment and even a recently refurbished hotel with some of the best room prices in the city. A wide hallway is framed with posters of the Rolling Stones, Sex Pistols and Bruce Springsteen. The airy back bar is a huge space and it's obvious some thought has gone into the set up. It's family friendly, with a main bistro area, another section with plasma screens so you can watch the big game but still be part of the action, and a quieter covered sitting area with 70s style couches and tables.
While a lot of action takes place in the back bar, there are plenty of other places to find some fun at the Sheaf. Try out the leafy deck bar with a cocktail or, if you're all about sport, then give the sports bar a whirl, pool tables included. If you're looking to hold a little private soirée then head upstairs to Soda, which is sectioned into a series of small rooms

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