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The Royal Oak Hotel, DOUBLE BAY, NSW

28 Bay St
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About The Royal Oak Hotel: 

The Royal Oak Hotel, Double Bay has been serving the thirsty and hungry Double Bay locals for over 100 years. Set amongst the hustle and bustle of Double Bay, the Royal Oak offers everything that is Double Bay, the leafy surrounds, a cool relaxed atmosphere and harbourside location. Patrons can relax amongst the trees, enjoy a classic pub meal, listen to some funky tunes, have a flutter on the horses, so whether you are planning a casual drink or a big night out, there is no better place to watch the world go by other than the Royal Oak.

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Jacqui Hale (Raynor)'s picture

Jacqui Hale (Raynor) (not verified)

Its Christmas just reflecting on memories of my favorite pub in Australia it was 1971 but it was a great pub then and did a visit 6years ago although very up dated I really enjoyed hope some of the locals are still around in the bar like Mike Carew if so Happy Christmas Mike and to anyone that remembers the good times hope to visit again in the next couple of years.

Best Wishes form Shropshire England

Jacqui Hale (Raynor)

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