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Bayview Tavern Hotel, GLADESVILLE, NSW

Bayview Tavern Hotel
166 Victoria Road
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About Bayview Tavern Hotel: 

Sydney's finest dining and live entertainment venue!

A finals winner in the prestigious Australian Hotels Association awards, the newly refurbished Bayview is now recognized as one of Sydney's leading dining and live entertainment venues!

With superb indoor/outdoor bar & dining facilities, fantastic views over Homebush Bay and comprehensive selection of Australia's leading entertainers performing live every week, the Bayview now offers something for everyone!

The Bayview consistently serves up an extensive range of meals to choose from, including a big selection of market fresh seafood, succulent chargrill steaks & roasts, innovative pasta & vegetarian dishes and delicious desserts.

Our Chef's Specials are a big attraction and always popular with customers.

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Reviews (1)

cool.matador's picture

check your change, best tp go to rsl across the street

7 years 6 months ago

Food is expensive for a pub, expect to pay over $25 or go hungry . Also make sure you check your change at the bar. They are crook


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Gail's picture

Gail (not verified)

I looked up the Bayview to see when Kirk Laronge was playing, last Saturday or Sunday of the month @ 4 pm? Oh well, no info for live Music on this site.
I remember going to The Bayview and seeing INXS, before they were big, including other bands... like
Moving Pictures, what a shame live music is on the demise and infact maybe even in it's death throws in Pubs.

Glenn 's picture

Glenn (not verified)

i've always liked the bayview,no riff raff there seems to draw nice people and its always seems to have a nice relaxed feelvibe there.

Michael,Margaret's picture

Michael,Margaret (not verified)

Thank you Rod, Dannielle, and staff for making our day so enjoyable on our 48th wedding anniversary,we really had a wonderfull time lunching, drinking and talking to you.It was so nice of all of you to make time for us in your busy schedule ,we will remember the day forever.
Thanks again
Michael Margaret xxxx

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