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Friend In Hand Hotel, GLEBE, NSW

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58 Cowper Street
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Glebe's oldest hotel, The Friend In Hand Hotel is without a doubt, the best pub in Sydney!

The multi award winning hotel with it's unique interior and great choice of beers makes it a friendly and unforgettable place to visit.

With a variety of activities including crab racing, comedy, poetry and raffles, there is no place you would rather be in the world!

Also check out the new renovations.

We still have the best priced drinks in Sydney & plenty of free off street parking.

With entertainment most nights of the week.

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Reviews (1)

robinmark's picture

never go back

7 years 10 months ago

So, my friend has for a year been trying to get us all there. Grand Final day so we go. And with only 15 minutes to go, after my friend spent a few hundred dollars, some blond bimbo comes in and mouths off to my friend. Mick Burns, the publican, told my friend Tania he has known her 20 years but did nothing. What a joke. Respect your locals. You are a complete joke and an insult to working people. We will never return.

never go back - review image 1

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