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Toxteth Hotel, GLEBE, NSW

Toxteth Hotel
Glebe & Ferry Roads
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About Toxteth Hotel: 

The Toxteth Hotel has been an iconic Glebe landmark for over 150 years offering a vibrant eclectic and friendly neighbourhood pub in the heart of inner Sydney,supportiing the community through sporting teams and events.

The Toxteth is home to top friendly service, with the best value for food and drinks in a relaxed atmosphere.

The Hotel comprises of the main bar,beer & wine speciality store, the latest TAB facilities,out door courtyard with large screen projector,8 plasma large screens and new function space for private hire. Amazing view of the Sydney CBD views from our new VIP 1st floor terrace.

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Reviews (1)

David Sarkies's picture
David Sarkies

A cool pub in leafy Glebe

6 years 4 months ago

This was the first time I went to Glebe, which is why I like visiting pubs because I end up visiting places that people would normally not visit and discovering little oddities that are off the main tourist track. This is a nice traditional English style pub whose food is not too badly priced (though I heard a couple complain that the fish was too battery). They also like their sliders, having a $4.00 slider night. That is not the only event that they have as there are also two trivia nights (a general one and a sports one) as well as a gallery upstairs conveniently called The Tate (though that was closed when I passed through). Oh, and they also have a pretty nice beer garden out the back, colloquially referred to as 'The Yard'.


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