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Lidcombe Hotel, LIDCOMBE, NSW

Lidcombe Hotel
John & Church Streets
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About Lidcombe Hotel: 

This Great Aussie Local Pub has a great history with generations of customers from the local area. The "PUB" has an inclusive and respectful feel that breeds a friendly atmosphere on the Aussie traditions of opinions and banter. This is preserved by the patrons and staff that frequent the hotel.

Lidcombe hotel has a range of accommodation at very reasonable prices. Boasting 22 rooms we have great access to public transport and are a 10 minute shuttle train to ANZ Stadium.

Lidcombe Hotel has a new bistro serving up all traditional pub grub you would expect at any great aussie hotel burgers, steaks, seafood and salads

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Reviews (1)

Ashish Limbu's picture
Ashish Limbu

Because of security guard

2 months 3 weeks ago

The security guard always behave me rude because i looks small asian guy even i shows him my id card. I was about to out of pub but he misbehave me infront off all, if you don't trust you can check your cctv camera at the time of monday 4 april Nearly 11:10-11-45pm.


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