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Palace Hotel, MORTLAKE, NSW

Palace Hotel
62 Tennyson Road
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About Palace Hotel: 

Relax and unwind with a cool drink and a chat at the Palace Hotel with your hosts Steve and Susan Ginty and their friendly staff. Looking for a place to meet your friends or make new ones? The Palace Hotel is the place to be!

The Palace Hotel restaurant is open for lunch and dinner daily.

Dine with friends in our restaurant, outside on the shaded deck or the beer garden

Great food at great prices!

The Palace Hotel offers comfortable refurbished rooms that are conveniently situated in Sydney's inner western suburbs. Choose from double, twin, triple and four-bed dormitory style rooms, all at affordable rates.

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Helen Davis's picture

Helen Davis (not verified)

I have been visiting the Palace Hotel for many years. Being a local & a vegetarian I always looked forward to the Palace Salad as there was nothing else available. Now I find it difficult to find anything vegetarian on the menu. With so many more vegetatians I find it difficult to understand why you don't cater for a growing vegatarian market. Travelling overseas you find restaurants & pubs that are eagar to accomodate for this need.

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