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Round Hill Hotel, MORVEN, NSW

Round Hill Hotel
Brownrigg Street
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About Round Hill Hotel: 

Morven is another small, but very active rural community. There are tennis courts, an old church, and historically Morven was a Cobb & Co Staging Post.
One of the most blood thirsty and notorious of Highway robbers, Dan (mad dog) Morgan, terrorised the district back in the 1860’s. He held up the Round Hill Station property and shot John Mclean.

The original Bridge Hotel was built around 1868 and was purchased by John O’Donoghue in 1897, with the Hotel remaining in that familiy until 1959, when it was taken over by Octavius Chaffey. The name was changed to the ‘Round Hill Hotel’ about this time.

The hotel provides excellent country hospitality with cold beer and hearty meals.

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