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Bland Hotel
Second Street
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About Bland Hotel: 

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Comments (7)

Cathy and crew from Wollongong's picture

Cathy and crew ... (not verified)

A heap of us stayed at the Bland Hotel last weekend. Look..... it is an absolute pleasure to stay in this great country hotel. Dan, the Publican.... is the best publican ever... and loves to see everyone enjoying themselves. Dan takes great pride in his pub and it shows everywhere... the top service... the pub is spotless... the food is tops and plenty of it... the beds are comfortable... the beer is cold ... and Dan even has umbrella straws for any lady that may like one in her glass!! If you are passing by Quandialla, drop in and stay, you won't regret it.

Gordon Middlemiss's picture

Gordon Middlemiss (not verified)

Stayed at this great pub on Saturday night. Licensee Daniel has done a great job on this pub and the food was typical great country style & plenty of it. I lived in Quandi as a boy for about 5 years and it was great to go back & have a beer with a couple of the locals. Highly recommend stopping in.

James Giddens's picture

James Giddens (not verified)

Pleasing to note the glowing comments about the Quandi pub. I was born in that hotel eighty years ago, as was my late sister, when my father was the licensee. I have visited the hotel a couple of times since but it was sometime ago. My late step-brother went to school in Quandialla when he was a boy and after the Second World War married one of the local girls. I'm hoping to visit the Bland Hotel again before too long just for old times sake.

Anonymous's picture

Anonymous (not verified)

Excellent!!!!!! Found the Publican gorgoeous!!! Mmmmmmmm! Excellent service, fantastic food!!! yummy, yummy, yummy!!!! Wow! Will stay here again...very clean, service the best, locals are a great lot of fun, had a fabulous time......Thanks to the Bland Hotel at Quandialla & of course the best publican ever.....Daniel......thanks mate, we had a fab time!
We will be back!!!!!!!!! Look out!!!!!!!!!!


matthew's picture

matthew (not verified)

through work about 4 years ago now, i was introduced to this pub. May have changed since then cos Anthony was running it at that stage, but i spent many nights down here with a few of the locals. Also spent the night there when the 2006 bland rodeo was on. had a brilliant time, and its a brilliant area, hoping to stop by there in the next 2 months or so.

Ben's picture

Ben (not verified)

Great pub with all the stuff you and grog! The Publican Daniel will be more than happy to share a beer with ya! NOTE....He sells the only fuel in town.

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