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General Gordon Hotel, SYDENHAM, NSW

General Gordon Hotel - image 1
20 Swain Street Sydenham
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About General Gordon Hotel: 

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Comments (8)

Dave Laws's picture

Dave Laws (not verified)

I used to go to the GG regularly on Friday nights last winter to watch the Super Rugby, quite enjoyable and cheap beer. Work has taken me away from the district for a few months, but I now intend to go back. Does anybody know if there are still meat raffles on Friday evening?

juls's picture

juls (not verified)

this place used to be great but then they kicked out the community, blacked out all the windows (had a city view) and filled it with a digusting TAB gambling junkies and all the gross people it attracts the courtyard feels like a prison yard

Sydenhamchris's picture

Sydenhamchris (not verified)

Need to go back, they're currently doing it up to its former glory, opened thw windows up , made the tab smaller and a new kitxhen ready to go. The GG rises from the ashes!

Noel Reed's picture

Noel Reed (not verified)

Hello at "the General Gordon Hotel",

I have just seen a picture of your sign showing Sydney tram R 1823 at Sydenham Station with The General Gordon Hotel in the background.

It looks just like a picture I took at Sydenham on 20 November, 1954.

It's very pleasing to know that my photography is appreciated.

Noel Reed. Hornsby, NSW.

Dee Norton's picture

Dee Norton (not verified)

Hi Noel

My name is Dee. Im not sure if you remember me but you popped into the general gordon hotel some time ago and spoke with me about the picture we have painted outside the hotel of the GGH which is a replica of the photo you took. you did email me the original over but for the life of me I cannot find where i have filed it or under what name. Would you mind resending me the photo if possible. Very much appreciated.

Dee Norton

Old Syd's picture

Old Syd

Hi - I kind of agree with the first message. We thought this would be a good local when we moved here about 10 years ago but then it was turned into a glorified TAB with an ATM stuck right in the middle - against the law surely. A truly bad renovation and totally unsympathetic. Now I see one of the windows has been replaced, but usually people are sitting there smoking which isn't very inviting. Haven't been in to see if the inside has improved but I think the TAB in the middle should go! And as for the bottle shop .. How gross is that carpet!! And it stinks! It would be great to have a good local again, where ordinary people could have a drink without feeling threatened as happened to some neighbours who went recently.

Local Boy's picture

Local Boy (not verified)


I have been a regular for last couple of months . The place looks great, heard about change in managment, and there are heaps of weekly promoitons. $3.50 Beer... a bargain my fav out of all. They also must have listened you , Carpet in bottle shop seemed to be cleaned.

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