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The Long Yard Hotel, TAMWORTH, NSW

The Long Yard Hotel
Tamworth Country Centre, New England Highway
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About The Long Yard Hotel: 

The Longyard Hotel is one of Tamworth’s most recognized venues, steeped in tradition it is truly an icon of Australian hotels. Not too many pubs can boast about having songs written about them. But it’s not only tradition that makes the Longyard Hotel what it is, it’s the whole package.

Open verandas, outdoor garden area and bottle shop along with great food, first class entertainment. And above all the friendly service that you come to expect from a first class venue. The Longyard Hotel behind the big Gold Guitar, where everyone’s a local.

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Comments (2)

Norman Pipkin's picture

Norman Pipkin (not verified)

Your a twat, their food is better then ever and the staff are awesome. i have been a regular for a long time and it's always friendly staff and great food. Sunday sessions are great!

Tom and Robyn Campanelli's picture

Tom and Robyn C... (not verified)

Firstly can I commend this hotel for it's location and atmosphere. We have had associations with the previous owners for many years and assumed when the new owners took over that they would want to maintain the positive aspects of this popular venue. We were very disappointed when on Monday 19th September we decided to "blow the budget" and have a family birthday dinner and found that most of the meals were barely edible. The service also left a lot be desired but we had each other for company so that didn't seem to be an issue. We have found out from other folk who also dined there that evening that they too found their meals unacceptable. We also were amazed that in these times that a Vegetarian option was not available and when both our vegetarian family members asked if they could just have roasted vegetables from the roast of the day, they were told that they would have to purchase the whole meal or none of it! This is not acceptable to any food conscious person and this was a further disappointment. We are contacting you direct in this way rather than just put it out around town that we were unhappy and we look forward to a time when we can feel tempted to have a meal their again. There were 12 of us dining btw.

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