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Tarana Hotel, TARANA, NSW

Tarana Hotel
Main Street
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About Tarana Hotel: 

The Tarana Hotel is a regular drink and grub stop for tourist flights. With its landscaped beer garden and walls crammed with mementos of times past, the Tarana is a friendly little inn that has successfully diversified for its own survival.

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Comments (6)

Jon Lear's picture

Jon Lear (not verified)

Many thanks for a brilliant weekend, top pub, beer and food, people, dogs and cat and accommodation - we'll be back... Cheers Ta
Pommy Jon

Meredith's picture

Meredith (not verified)

This is the greatest pub in NSW. Cabin stays fantastic, pub meals and hospitality best in the world. Tarana rich in history, why isn't there a museum ?

Anonymous's picture

Anonymous (not verified)

Hi, I was just wondering if you could post a menu? Thank you

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