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Mount Warning Hotel, UKI, NSW

Mount Warning Hotel
Kyogle Road
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About Mount Warning Hotel: 

One of the north coasts' classic ' Country Pubs' with a rich history in the Red Cedar glory days and later in the dairy industry. The Uki pub is often a starting or finishing venue for a climb to the top of nearby Mt Warning.
An ice cold schooner or two at the end of a exhilarating four hour hike is to be savoured.
The pub serves excellent pub grub and has comfortable country style accommodation.

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Reviews (1)

Carolyn Bell's picture
Carolyn Bell


6 years 6 months ago

9 ladies from Tweed Heads drove out for lunch today . First visit for most of us. Certainly a fantastic building and waitress was very nice and friendly. But the MEALS. We're very very disappointing. Not one person enjoyed their meal. I myself ordered lasagne. So dry and unappetising that I smothered it in tomato sauce. The salad seemed limp and old. On the calamari plate it was close to being burnt. So of course wasn't t eaten as much of the was left. As we all belong to a group in the Cobaki village where we live it is certainly not good publicity for your hotel. Carolyn bell.


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Brendo's picture

Brendo (not verified)

With great sadness i must inform you that this much loved and historic pub has burnt down. Caused by an electrical fault, this pub went up in flames. Even if it is rebuilt it will sadly never be the same. RIP Mt Warning Hotel!

andrew ettingausen's picture

andrew ettingausen (not verified)

Yep...would it hurt to keep the kitchen open for an extra 15 minutes ESPECIALLY when the band started at 2pm (kitchen close time). An "I'm sorry, we really can't stay open" would be more appropriate and customer caring, rather than an abrupt "It's after 2 isn't it". Its a shame - we try to support local businesses but sometimes they need to review who's working for them and whether they are helping or hindering return-business. Up Yours

echo's picture

echo (not verified)

We also had similar experience at mt.warning pub, we were heading thru 'Uki' looking for somewhere to eat and stay o/n..we seen the advertisement for "excellent pub grub and comfortable country style accommodation at mt.warning pub , Uki " so thought yep that sounds good, when i rang we were apalled by one staffs rude attitude, and thats an understatement , 'Jan' told us quite rudely 'how could we possibly stay there if they dont have accommodation", when we asked her why they were advertising it she hung up on us half way thru us asking if she knew of anywhere else we could stay in Uki , yeah thats great for business Jan..dont worry Jan we'll just spend our money somewhere else.! IF you dont Do It Dont advertise it !!

suzanne's picture

suzanne (not verified)

If you want someone who actually knows how to cook please get in touch with me,
how disappointing was our lunch today, 2 very dried up people in the kitchen, food
came out the same, talked to some of our friends, noone goes there anymore because the
food is aweful, was too much trouble to cut our burger in half, had to get another cutting board out,
had to get a new knife out new health regulations were also thrown our way.
If you want your business to survive get rid of the two rude and incompetent women in your kitchen

siso's picture

siso (not verified)

thanx for the heads up, we are up from sydney and were going to take our brother there for lunch to say thanks for having us, but will find somewhere else more palatable now, its a shame because the local pub of a town is usually a good meeting point for a beer and a good country feed....word of mouth can kill or make a business.

M O'Connell's picture

M O'Connell (not verified)

On Monday 28th Nov, we took my sister & her husband, visitors from SA
to your pub for a meal, having been there before & enjoyed the experience. However, this was very disappointing. We ordered 2 chicken Caesar salads & 2 chicken schnitzels. When the order was ready, we were told we couldn't have chicken on the caesar, as it wasn't 'good enough' to serve, in other words, it was off. The schnitzels came out like curled up pieces of dark brown leather, dry & unpalatable.
It would seem that the schnitzels had been dropped in oil which wasn't all that fresh & cooked too long. We were embarrassed as my sister had 'shouted' us the meal as a 'thankyou' for showing them around, so didn't like to make a fuss.
If after the weekend, there isn't enough fresh food to offer guests, then the menu should be modified to serve only that which is presentable & edible. It has put us off returning.

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