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The Bun Pub
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Kaimkillenbun is recognised as the Queensland town with the longest single name, but is affectionately
known by locals as ‘The Bun’. The hotel was built in 1911. The quaint old pub was used as a set in the 1983 Nicole Kidman movie Chase
through the Night. Ask to see the signatures of WWI soldiers from the eve of their departure.

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Comments (20)

Bec Goodman-Jones's picture

Bec Goodman-Jones (not verified)

Great to catch up with Bud and Jude yesterday...the pub looks great and the people we met were very friendly and great to chat to. Keep up the great work guys and we will see you again soon. :)

Thanks guys for a good night at The Bun. What a great ending to a 4 day 3 night event. We have received heaps of compliments from our riders for the friendly service a, good value drinks and food. We are sure to be back in 2013.

Thanks again. Michael Tucker
Secretary Fraser Coast Social Riders Inc

Garry Dugan's picture

Garry Dugan (not verified)

Hi again,
The Bun is now trading again. The official opening day will be the 25/08/2012 hopefully. If this changes I will let you know.

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Tracey Williams (nee sanderson)'s picture

Tracey Williams... (not verified)

Hi Garry
Just wondering when the grand opening is on. Am keen to come and support Bud and Judes?

Garry Dugan's picture

Garry Dugan (not verified)

Hi Tracey,
I have just found out that next Saturday 1/09/12 is the big day. Lyn Angel told me that Bud has organised a bus from Goomeri for the day. Hopefully I will see you there.

Garry Dugan's picture

Garry Dugan (not verified)

The Bun has been bought by friends of mine from Goomeri. Bud and Judy Angel used to own the Grand Hotel at Goomeri few years back. They are currently renovating. New kitchen, cold room, bar and flooring as well as a repaint. A lot of work upstairs as well. They hope to be up and running in 1-2 weeks from now. I will post again when they give me a date.

michael esdaile's picture

michael esdaile (not verified)

do you have any rooms available on june 2nd, 4 guys going to the concert inDalby.

Anonymous's picture

Anonymous (not verified)

what is the phone number, tried to find it it is disconnected, not looking good

Joy Bryson's picture

Joy Bryson (not verified)

Stopped in on way to Dalby on 28th Oct. Peter[fatcat]Elaine and myself from RSL .Found pub to be wonderful.
Publican Peter was great with his knowledge of town and pub.Showed us the signatures of Diggers we were in awe.
Great welcome Peter will come again 'Thanks

kirsty's picture

kirsty (not verified)

We have recently taken over the Management of "The Bun Pub". We would like to especially thank, "ALL" the local people, who have supported us in this venture. We hope to create a "Happy Pub", where everyone's input is greatly appreciated. Thanks to you all.

Kirsty and Pete xx

Anonymous's picture

Anonymous (not verified)

do something about your phone please cant find it and the current one is disconnected

Jason's picture

Jason (not verified)

I think i have a picture of your pub it is in black and white and i think it must of been some time ago when there could of been a movie made there as i think it has a young Nicole Kidman in it
Cheers Jason

Robert's picture

Robert (not verified)

Jason, I read with interest of the photo you have of the Bun pub. Is it possible you email a copy to me.
The Bun pub was built by my great grandfather so I naturaly have an interest in it. His family lived in the town of Kaimkillenbun.


Rose's picture

Rose (not verified)

Keen to come to the bun on a spring road trip from Sydney. Read about it in victor Higgs life story... His dad,my hubby's great grandfather also rob (!)...built it. Maybe rob would contact us direct perhaps.. Chops to get to bun pub sometime in oct. looks like its a treasure trove of history.

the bun hotel's picture

the bun hotel (not verified)

you are right the movie chase through the night was made here in 1983 it was originally made by the abc as a 5 part mini series
if you are interested in doing a copy of the picture we would be only to happy to pay for copy and freight
hope all is going ok take care
the bun pub

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