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The Blue Heeler Hotel, KYNUNA, QLD

The Blue Heeler Hotel
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AT NIGHT, the skyline of Kynuna features a neon sign in the shape of man’s best friend.

And although neon signs usually make you think of cities, the surrounding wide open spaces will ensure that there’s no way you’ll be able to convince yourself that you’re anywhere else but in outback Queensland when you see the blue and pink neon shape of a dog beckoning you to a famous little pub, the Blue Heeler Hotel.

Come and drink to man’s best friend when you pull in to the historic little timber building which can trace its existence back to the 1880s. It was once a Cobb and Co post where the horses and coaches would rattle in to a dusty stop. Nowadays, it’s a favourite stopping spot with travellers who arrive in air-conditioned vehicles straight off the bitumen of the Matilda Highway. And whether you’re looking for a meal, fuel, accommodation (hotel or motel style) or just a taste of outback history you’ll find it at the Blue Heeler.

The hotel is named after the famous Australian working dog which was bred from a number of other breeds for the work it was required to do in harsh Australian conditions. And the first time you see the Blue Heeler Hotel’s souvenir range, you won’t be able to hold back a grin. There are doggy paw prints everywhere - on a broad range of clothing (even on knickers!) and caps. These souvenirs have been bought by people throughout Australia and overseas. That mutt certainly gets around!

The hotel saw some of the actual action that has become part of the “Waltzing Matilda” legend. Australia’s unofficial national song was sung at the hotel soon after it was penned by Banjo Paterson when he was staying at Dagworth Station not far away during the shearers’ strike. People can see a replica of the “champagne window” and learn the story of the gesture of good will that it represents.

The little pub turned 100 in 1989 and was renovated for the milestone, including a big fireplace built by the late R.M. Williams. But it has kept its outback charm and character. Inside, you’ll find the ceiling covered with surf T-shirts and the walls festooned with hundreds of signatures of people who have stopped by for a drink over the years. Most visitors enjoy picking out some of the more famous names - Banjo Paterson, Slim Dusty, Rolf Harris, Graham Connors, Ian McNamara, Roger Woodward, Joh Bjelke-Petersen, James Blundell, Troy Cassar-Daly and Adam Brand.

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Comments (7)

Megan Silveira's picture

Megan Silveira (not verified)

Both my Blue Heelers and I need caps and Tshirts, and anything else you have for sale! and will be coming for a visit!

lynne bridger's picture

lynne bridger (not verified)

Travelled through recently. Didn't get to buy a cap. Really would like to buy 3. Is this possible? Can't find your phone no. Could you email it to me please? Thank you. Lynne

Bazza's picture

Bazza (not verified)

Must have been a hoot when the surf reel with barbed wire on it was used for a 'rescue'. Would probably ripped the lycra but real ozzie blokes could handle that no sweat.
Soon after we visited Broome & attracted some attention with the Kynuna surf club cap. We were rewarded with some equally tall stories about surfing in cyclones. Still got the cap too.

In 1957 nothing like to day Kynuna was the best small town in the west. What we got up the doors of the Blue Heeler were close very early them days 6pm,behind those close doors the local police office and many others would still be drinking many hours latter. You can read about my time at the Blue Heeler in the book call “What Next You Bastard” I was working just a few miles out of town so each night found me a 16 year old drinking with his mates. I still love pulling into the Blue Heeler and having a beer or two. Ken Hall

Olivia Gowest's picture

Olivia Gowest (not verified)

20 years ago I worked for 3 Months in this great place. I cooked and took care of the bar. I met the greatest people and celebrated one of my best new year parties. I´m so happy to see that it still looks the same. I guess that my austrian cooking was a great experience..

The local station owners were all so nice and very nice inviting me to experience real aussi station live!!

All the best to the most real authentic pub in outback Australia
Olivia Gowest

John Willard's picture

John Willard (not verified)

My Blue Heeler cap is worn out! Can I buy another and have it posted?

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