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Middleton Hotel, MIDDLETON, QLD

Middleton Hotel
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07 4657-3980
About Middleton Hotel: 

Middleton was named after the first white man in the district. He was a member of the 1862 expedition led by John McKinlay. The town started life as a coach staging post and now consists of the Middleton Hotel, which has been recently restored. Eighty-four kilometres west of Middleton on the Winton Road are the ruins of the Min Min Hotel, built in the late 1880s and burnt down in the 1920s. Its name has been given to a mysterious light that is seen throughout the western border areas.

It's in the Middleton of nowhere!!!!!

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Reviews (1)

Errol Fisher's picture
Errol Fisher

A must do visit, especially for old bushies

7 months 3 weeks ago

Sadly, The Middleton Hotel is getting older, as are Lester and Val.
They are superb hosts and are worthy of more than just a passing beer or coffee.
Special historic place with two older folk so generous and welcoming for a yarn or two.
We must return there for a longer stay, before the charm of the oldies fades away.
A long way from southern SA, but worth the effort.
Funny as, was Lester telling about his snake bite to his big toe episode, where he says the doctor was more concerned about his heart than the snake bite. - Upshot being, Lester ended up with a heart procedure in return for seeking snake bite medical attention!!?
Val chimes in and says the medicos informed her that he had handled the procedure like a ‘spring chicken’ and that he was good enough to return home with the vigour of a ‘randy old rooster’ !!? Tall tales but true !

A must do visit, especially for old bushies - review image 1

Comments (3)

Allan 's picture

Allan (not verified)

Wife & I dropped in for a cold one recently. What a character is Lester! Told us all about the Min Min lights and the old history of the area. Couldnt be more friendly. A must do stop if you are on that track.

K's picture

K (not verified)

If you ever get the chance to visit this pub, I highly recomend you do so!
It is a fantastic country pub in the middle of no where, with great historical value. The locals are definate characters and a good laugh. You must ask old Lesta to recite some of his poetry for you, it is well worth it. The beauty of this place is you can stay at the Hilton!

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