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Noccundra Hotel, NOCCUNDRA, QLD

Noccundra Hotel
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+61 7 4655 4317
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Population 4.
The historic Noccundra Hotel was established
in 1882 and is still licensed. This Hotel is the
only occupied building in the town (home
of the McNamara family) and is well worth a
visit. It is also the site of a memorial to the
ill-fated Hume expedition, who died of thirst
west of the present town while searching for
survivors of the lost Leichhardt Expedition.
Grab a line and fish in the Wilson River
waterhole opposite the hotel, also an ideal
camping spot. Noccundra holds an annual
race meeting in May and rodeo/gymkhana
in October each year – fun-filled days not to
be missed!

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Comments (4)

Sarah's picture

Sarah (not verified)

After going to Noccundra Pub for many years and having a fantastic experience with our tour groups, the reception when trying to book again with the new owner was horrible, we were basically insulted by her and were told that we must ask her is she would even like us to come there and not just call to book our group in.
So- we won't be calling in. Thank you very much new manager, you've just pushed us to Eromanga. Nice to meet you Eromanga! We will spend our money there instead!

marie brown's picture

marie brown (not verified)

unpleasant experience. Owner is rude & does not have the people skills required. Meals are expensive and the choices are non existant. What ever she feels like . The steak sandwich was like mush. More like a stew on toast.

Paul Warner's picture

Paul Warner (not verified)

Great pub with great atmosphere - had a ball there.

David Saunders's picture

David Saunders (not verified)

Great Pub Best ever

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