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Magpie & Stump Hotel, MINTARO, SA

Magpie & Stump Hotel
Burra Street
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This hotel has been licensed since 1851 when, it was a wild pub catering for the needs of the itinerant bullock and mule drivers who passed through the town. Over the years it has changed name - it was once known just simply as Mintaro Hotel - but in recent times it has been carefully revived as a typical English village pub. Its location at the centre of the town ensures it is a focal point.

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Reviews (1)

Tracy Schirmer's picture
Tracy Schirmer


4 years 1 month ago

Hi everyone, just letting you know that this pub is under new management. It has been fully renovated and opened its doors for the first time after many months of blood, sweat and tears by the new owners on the 16th March, 2018.

It is very worthwhile to visit this pub again if you get the chance because I know you will be pleasantly surprised. The new Managers are passionate about customer service and it shows. It is a great place to bring the kids and everybody is made to feel more than welcome.

Please don't bypass on your next travels to this beautiful historic town and drop in for a beer and meet Paul and Amanda.


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Bob swain's picture

Bob swain (not verified)

I have never encountered such an arrogant, rude and disrespectful person in all my travels. The service was disgraceful. The attitude of the publician was astonishing. I left with a feeling of sadness, sorrow and numbness. To be avoided at all costs

Ksquared's picture

Ksquared (not verified)

Hubby and I enjoyed waiting for our meals (not too long) chatting with the locals by the fire. Were politely served a lovely meal, and enjoyed the experience.

Karen and Roger's picture

Karen and Roger (not verified)

We took our family group of 11 to lunch there today and was absolutely appalled by the owner's rudeness. He told us to sit outside (it was freezing and drizzly) saying there was no room inside. We noted that all tables inside were vacant and remained so apart from a group of 12 that arrived after us. When we lined up to order we were gruffly told that some of the meals on the menu weren't available. Then said "YOu know there will be at least a 50 min wait for ÿour meals." We waited an hour and a half and our kids were beside themselves by then. We asked if we could sit inside again as our meals arrived as the tables were still all vacant and he firstly ummmed and ahhhd then said the tables weren't made up (which they were all set, half even had reserved on them but no-one came at all) and eventually I said the women were all freezing and there were obviously free tables inside so he reluctantly allowed us to move. What an arsehole! The waitress complained at every opportunity at how busy she was - quite amazing as no-one else was eating there and the meals were very simple (and ordinary) Our visit to this pub really spoilt our day as Mintaro is such a lovely little town with real character and well worth a day's visit and a stay in one of the beautiful B & B's. The sooner this guy moves on the better - eat at Riley's across the road instead.

Anonymous's picture

Anonymous (not verified)

Yes I heard the owner has no customer service skills .He has no idea of how to maximise the potential of his business. The pub is up for sale so the sooner he leaves the happier people will be.

Willy G's picture

Willy G (not verified)

The Magpie and Stump would play Fawlty Towers on a break.

The Owner/Publican is not just rude but is totally out of control.

If he wishes to attract customers to his establishment then he has a funny way of going about it.

You do not abuse customers as soon as they walk through the door.

You do not give customers a list of strict orders as to where you will sit howmany will sit at a table and threaten you with dire consequenses if you shift his tables to make a bigger one

You do not throw menus at them and tell them to order immediately

You do not tell people to piss off when they decide not to eat at his establishment when you are visiting the town as a tourist and scream at abuse at you when you are trying to leave.

Over all this PUB should be banned from any tourist handbook.


Anonymous's picture

Anonymous (not verified)

Oh my god. I was going to take my family there as they are coming over from TAS. I would be terrified to enter that pub. If this is true about what happened here, then why hasn't something been done about it.
No one should be treated like that! It is a VILE thing to have to experience and people talk.
I have traveled all through South Australia, and you meet some great people , that would do anything for you and then you meet the ones that are so awful they should be locked away


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