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Blacksmiths Inn, ONE TREE HILL, SA

Blacksmiths Inn
Blacktop Road
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08 8280 7666
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About Blacksmiths Inn: 

If you're on your way to the Barossa or simply looking for a weekend drive, head to One Tree Hill and the new-look Blacksmith's Inn.

The 19-year-old pub has new owners and a fresh approach in the dining room, where former Ghan chef Adrian Magill is in charge.

Fresh, local and seasonal produce take centre stage with a new menu being introduced this week. Local wines are served at the bar, where there is an all-day weekend menu, or in the 45-seat dining room.

Winter days or evenings can be spent in front of the open fire, soaking up the country pub atmosphere.

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Comments (10)

Lee's picture

Lee (not verified)

Sunday lunch with friends by the open fire, duo played and entertained us which made a perfect lazy Sunday afternoon. Oh yeah the food was great especially the ribs and salt n pepper squid, onion rings. Very friendly staff.

Peter's picture

Peter (not verified)

Went to the Blacksmiths Inn for Sunday night dinner. A meal was forgotten, one was cold, and one was served with raw lamb. When asked about the raw lamb, the reply was. "it comes like that"
On the missing meal. no reason, but did give a refund.
The cold meal, just got too hard.
Young staff there who had no idea about different salad dressings,
When ordering, you wait at your table and order there when the staff finally decide to take the order. (waited far too long). After you place your order, you then go to the front bar and pay for the order. Why not just do it all at the counter?

Not a place we will attend again

Sarah Nicole's picture

Sarah Nicole (not verified)

Extremly happy with my meal at the blacksmith inn, The food there is outstanding for a pub. also the excellet service by the bar staff and waitresses. i will be going to blacksmith inn a lot more.
Evveryone there is really friendly and good to have a drink with.

Sylvi and paul's picture

Sylvi and paul (not verified)

Well,.. One thing to loose customers is bad service..1) you need to learn not to ignore potential customers..
2) eye contact is a must- your waitresses would rather pick up used dishes than taking customers food orders and they avoid to look at customers who are wAiting ..
3) you guys no matter how busy should take clients orders first..
I'm sorry but we work in a public relations industry and one thing we pass informations to our clients the good the bad and ugly businesses out blacksmith hotel get ur act together.

Belinda's picture

Belinda (not verified)

I feel so sorry for the staff there. I went for lunch on a sunday and there was only two girls on in the restuarant area. They had to run between the bar & serving food. It took us over 30 minutes to get our food ordered, then 40 minutes to get our main meal. Once we'd eaten our mains we then had to wait another 35 minutes to get our dessert. The owner definitely needs to put on more staff!! It's put me off going there again because with kids in tow it would be hell trying to keep them entertained for that long.

Lucy's picture

Lucy (not verified)

I've been to this pub a few times years ago &was excited to be invited with a group for a celebration!
That's where the excitement ends! The 1st thing that HITS u is the Awful sewerage smell in the carpark! God awful!
We had drinks in the bar 1st but as a non smoker was disgusted that windows and the doors are left open 4smoke to waft thru &there are Alot of smokers up there!
The staff up there ran around like chooks, we're quite rude and the meal prices are crazy!! it's a Pub not a fine restaurant!! Every time we ordered drinks the prices seemed to change?? Local kids ran around like it was a playground!
Then Finally our meals started to arrive. NOT impressed, $19 for 2pieces of chicken and a bit of salad??
I won't b going back to this pub unless it Seriously lifts its game. There are Much better pubs around with good food &great service
Avoid this place!

Andrew's picture

Andrew (not verified)

Have been going to the blacksmith for a few years now. It use to be a friendly pub, now it seems to have lost it spark with rude staff, inconstancy with prices of drinks, how your meal is presented. When you question anything, it becomes a battle to get a positive response.
This pub is nice and has lots of potential, it's just not there yet.

Anonymous's picture

Anonymous (not verified)

We are looking at making a booking for Jan 13th or 14th for a table of approximately 18 people for dinner, I was just wondering if there was any entertainment available in the beer garden etc on any of these nights.

Thankyou :)

natalie's picture

natalie (not verified)

hi just wondering if u do any functions at the black smith inn. if so can u send me information please.

shaun's picture

shaun (not verified)

can i please have some info on your hire costs for your garden out the back and pub function rooms and meal ideas yours sincerely Shaun

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