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Olympic Hotel Preston, PRESTON, VIC

Olympic Hotel Preston - image 1
31 Albert St
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+61 3 8458 6100
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Why not make the Olympic Hotel the venue for your next event. We host presentation nights, christenings, engagements, weddings and a variety of Birthday parties including 21st. We offer two stylish function rooms on the upper level of the hotel; the Gold and Silver rooms.
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Steph's picture

Steph (not verified)

The olympic hotel was a waste of my evening after reading poor reviews the night before we were invited by regular customer from pre renovations. though the staff were great the food and amazingly the mixer drinks were far from it. After first sitting down in the newly renovated dining room we were greated by friendly staff. Recieving our drinks including a jug of coke i had to return it right away it was a watered down cordial jug of ice (only 2 small glasses came from the jug the rest was ice) it took 3 staff members to listen to my complaint. The manger could not work out that it was water. taste testing it herself and having another staff member also try it we were then served with a jug just a bad tasting with half the amount of ice. Ordering we got oysters kilpratick each the shell size of a 50cent peice a clearly a bottled sauce on top. The entre 'salt and pepper' squid was just as bad rubbery clearly frozen and though it looked seasoned it was plain as flour... the mains were a little better served with a stirfry including per steamed soggy vegetables, packeted hoikken noodles, a meal i cook my partner at home once a month. The gnocchi zucca was plain considering i added chicken to it... the chicken was the only flavour. With the salad on the parma clearly a coles look alike no wonder i was reading soo many poor reviews before going there. Not to mention for a newly renovated building i was so suprised when i nearly fell off the toilet seat when it slipped off the bowl i could not belive it. Again towards the end of our meal we ordered more drinks again served a watered down cordial. When a restaurant does not want complaints i think they should listen the first time. sitting infront of the bar i realised we were not the only table to complain about the drink service.

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