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Black Swan Hotel Bendigo, BENDIGO, VIC

Black Swan Hotel Bendigo
117-119 McCrae St
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03 54440944
03 54440955
About Black Swan Hotel Bendigo: 

Permanently Closed

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Reviews (1)

will.jeffery80's picture

crappiest time of my life

10 years 2 months ago

my partner and I thought it might be a nice idea to go to this place for new years, we live in town but are not regular clubbers or pubbers. We are older than that crowd. It was one of the bouncers deciding to take a disliking to us, we are not trouble makers, rough looking or the type to pose any problem but I was told no more drinks... fair call if I'd drunk a lot, but as it was, my partner had already bought me my next, It was a little while after the same bouncer approached and told me I must leave as he told me no more drinks, I said I must find my partner of which I received perhaps a misjudged shove/grab??? at which I injured my arm and was very quickly evicted from the premises. I then thoroughly enjoyed a 15km walk home bleeding as my partner had all the money, phone etc.... Thanks for a top new years black swan hotel.... love to see you go broke

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Charles's picture

Charles (not verified)

My wife and I would like to stay on a weeknight in September.
What is the rate?
Is breakfast included?

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