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The British Crown Hotel, COLLINGWOOD, VIC

The British Crown Hotel - image 1
14-18 Smith St
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03 94172869
About The British Crown Hotel: 

Permanently Closed

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Reviews (1)

David Sarkies's picture
David Sarkies

Yes, this is a pretty cool pub

9 years 7 months ago

When I first visited this pub my first impression was that this was a pretty cool pub, so I then decided to return and have another beer here and my opinion remains the same, it is a pretty cool pub. Mind you, with all of the other pubs to visit in Melbourne, I generally don't get down to this one all that much, especially since it is located on Smith Street, and that is hardly my most favourite part of Melbourne (despite my tram, when I catch the tram, running through the middle). As for the pub, because I'm supposed to be talking about the pub and not Smith Street, it has a really cool atmosphere and a pretty decent beer garden out the back. Oh, and the food is not that badly priced, though it is not really at the cheap end of the scale (but then if you want cheap, there is always Hungry Jacks).

Yes, this is a pretty cool pub - review image 1

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